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Are the edges of your skis no longer sharp? Is the surface scratched and your skis are too slow for you in the mean time? A professional ski service at our ski rental in Oberlech at the Arlberg is definitely a good idea!


In the video you can see the passing of a ski in the service machine. You can see the sharpening of the edges and the polishing of the ski base. Our rental skis are of course regularly serviced. Of course, we also offer this excellent ski service to customers with their own skis.

We use professional machines from manufacturer Wintersteiger for the service of our customers and rental ski. These machines are also used for racing ski equipment and work fully automatically with always the same high sharpening and polishing quality.

Precisely ground edges and a smooth base ensure more skiing pleasure on the piste.

Pictures of a ski before and after the ski service

In the photos of this ski, you can see what the surface looks like before and after the service. You will finally notice this difference, when skiing on the slopes!


More fun on the slopes with professionally waxed coverings and polished edges

  • Skiing is more fun because the skis are easier to turn
  • better grip on hard slopes thanks to sharp edges
  • Carving is more enjoyable, because it is easier to ski on the edge